I never had the urge to just sit up right before I fall asleep, kiss someone, stare into their eyes and tell them that I love them every night until now.

Idk if its BC something is different about being with him in comparison to my other relationships or if it’s just that he has these big gorgeous blue eyes that I can’t get enough of. I know I just brag so much but I literally can’t believe I’m with someone so unbelievable! He’s so perfect in every way. I told him tonight that even if I had the power to dream my perfect man into this world, I don’t think I could have possibly dreamt up someone better. He’s so unimaginable.
Another aspect that makes me so Happy is how he’s changing my prospective on a lot of thing. Every time we have sex, we make love. At first I was unsure of how I felt about that but then I realized I like being treated like a princess. I adore the fact that he called me a goddess. He makes me feel sexy and beautiful and at ease. When we’re making out I need nothing more. I get so sucked into his kiss and his touch that I feel every ounce of sadness and anger melt away for the first time in a long time. Even when we have to be somewhere, we always end up late BC we can’t pull ourselves away. This has to be what real love feels like; giving and receiving. I love you so much Neil kerkhoven. I never want to come down from this high.